Our story, our values and our mission 

Who we are

Gaulivel was founded in 2017 by two young Sicilian entrepreneurs after having gained experience in the field of technology, communication and finance. Based in Madeira, the autonomous region of Portugal, the company has a business model based on respect for the eco-sustainability of the world and the multiculturalism of its collaborators and partners.

Gaulivel SA was created by incorporating the companies formed over the years by the two young entrepreneurs, working at an international level, which already operates in several countries such as: Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, France, United States of America and United Arab Emirates . The market sectors in which it operates are: Construction, Real Estate, Trading and Finance, Events and Lifestyle and Business Consulting. Each sector is managed by a company belonging to the group, which sees specialized operators ready to offer the best of the company.


Our Approach

From financial sustainability to the realization of the project. There is no company, project, startup or idea that can be developed without real financial support.

Gaulivel S.A. through its investment fund, high-profile partnerships with banks and its operators, designs, develops and implements financial transactions in the fields in which it operates.

The company’s distinctive element in terms of approach is a constant and familiar relationship with customers, partners and the companies with which it creates joint ventures. This in order to create a synergy that can last over time and that can meet the needs of all the actors involved.

Our Mission & Vision

The company’s vision can be translated into a simple phrase: “YOUR FUTURE IN SUSTAINABILITY IS A MULTICULTURAL WORLD“.

Gaulivel S.A. he believes a lot in the internationalization of his business, placing his own pillars in a multiethnic company, with a family management and that can respond to the problems of ecosustainability of the planet, starting from how he has structured his working standards.

The mission of Gaulivel S.A. is to build a company where every person can contribute to the improvement of the planet. The company works at high technological standards, is always attentive to attention to detail, each work is performed in a unique way. Gaulivel S.A.

It aims to make every experience unique where multiculturalism, respect for the planet’s eco-sustainability and high technological standards, permeate every aspect of the work.